Call to Action

The recent allegations of sexual abuse have created much confusion and anger. We ask the following:

(1) Encourage survivors to come forward. There is a growing community of support to take these issues seriously and we have some of the best professionals in the field working on this issue. If you or someone you know is a survivor, please contact me, or you can email us at or You will be supported. Your identity will be protected. And you will be connected to resources to begin your healing. This is a serious matter and we want to stand for justice.

(2) Encourage your mosques and community institutions to take a stand on this issue and issue a call to action. A number of institutions have released their statements, which you are welcome to refer to ideas, such as:

  1. Darul Qasim
  2. HEART Women & Girls
  3. Webb Foundation

Ask your mosque or community institution what their stand is on this neglected issue and think about how what you can do to make a difference.  As you develop your statement, use these talking points to guide the discourse

Safety For Survivors

Given recent allegations, I understand that all of the conversation may have triggered other survivors who have also suffered in similar ways. This post is for anyone who might be a survivor out there.

If you want to talk to someone, please know that you are not alone. You deserve to be able to talk to someone who can help you process all that you have been through and are still going through. I have a team of qualified, professional counselors who understand Muslim cultures and are working with me to support you. We will protect your identity and we will do anything and everything to make you feel safe. You can remain anonymous if you like.

That said, if you want to reach out and talk to someone privately, you can do this in several ways.

1- You can contact me, and I will put you in touch with the right professional.
2- You can contact us through this email address:
3- You can contact HEART Women & Girls directly: This is their website:

May Allah bless you.

Regarding the Ulama

Some brief comments. Continue reading


It unfortunate that in the chatter that has taken place over the past twenty four hours, the central, most important issue has been ignored. The overwhelming concern has been over the claims made against a man. That is understandable when a man some refer to as a “pillar,” “wali,” “scholar,” “giant,” nobody will care for or believe the victim. Continue reading

That Post

Salam -

Questions: please talk to me, only if the matter concerns you.

Omer M

Regarding Rasmea

The Trial of Rasmea Odeh is a reminder that the least welcomed person in America, after the Blackamerican, is the Palestinian. The question is if she lied on her immigration documents, because she answered incorrectly, and her defense states reasons for it. She is accused of lying; she states she understood the questions differently. The question is: why she is being targeted among all the others? Continue reading

The Tone has returned

The Tone has returned. I speak periodically as some sort of representative of Muslims, Islam, the Islamic Tradition, etc.. and I notice that a particular sentiment, a particular Tone has returned: prove to me that you are not a savage. That Tone has returned among the questions I receive at houses of worship. For quite some time, the questions were of curiosity or yearning for education. Now, the Tone has returned. Continue reading