Counseling twentysomethings

Most of my correspondences are of compassion (I hope), even when I’m teasing someone. Occasionally, however, we need to share something different. Time for some brutal honesty.  Continue reading

Being American

Middle aged South Asian and Arab Muslim parents frequently ask me what they should do to make their children feel American.  Keep in mind that the majority of these parents were themselves raised in the US. Some were even born here.   Continue reading

10 Things I learned in 2013

10- As a community we seem to be confusing substance with symbol.  Too many of our actions focus on symbols and representation, rather than substantive beneficial work. Continue reading

And if the Boston Bomber is Muslim…

Like so many Muslims, whenever I would learn of a major crime, my reflex was to pray that the perpetrator was not Muslim.  I sometimes still resort to the same knee-jerk response, though far less.  Now, I don’t care anymore.   Continue reading

Ten Lessons I Learned in 2012

10 – Sometimes I have to say “No” to people.

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Islam 301

Using the common language of academics, we commonly call the introduction to Islam by the name “Islam 101.”  From there, we would speak of the basics of Islamic thought and practice by the name of “Islam 201.”  This posting represents an “Islam 301″ providing detail on how to believe, imagine and follow life as a Muslim.  The common believer does not need anything beyond an Islam 201, but in our era of mass information (and by extension mass misinformation), it becomes necessary to develop Islamic Literacy.   Continue reading

Should we Muslims be Liberal or Conservative?

[A repost of an old entry, with some modifications.]

Another area where I think too many Muslims make too many mistakes.

As the story goes, the Muslim masses are supposedly “conservative,” and those who are “liberal” tend to identify themselves as “liberal,” implying that they are different than the Muslim masses. In some cases, we use this latter term to mean “intellectually enlightened” and in other cases, we use this term to mean “loose with certain rules of social conduct.” Continue reading