Regarding Rasmea

The Trial of Rasmea Odeh is a reminder that the least welcomed person in America, after the Blackamerican, is the Palestinian. The question is if she lied on her immigration documents, because she answered incorrectly, and her defense states reasons for it. She is accused of lying; she states she understood the questions differently. The question is: why she is being targeted among all the others? Continue reading

The Tone has returned

The Tone has returned. I speak periodically as some sort of representative of Muslims, Islam, the Islamic Tradition, etc.. and I notice that a particular sentiment, a particular Tone has returned: prove to me that you are not a savage. That Tone has returned among the questions I receive at houses of worship. For quite some time, the questions were of curiosity or yearning for education. Now, the Tone has returned. Continue reading

ISIS and the Returning Apologetic Cycle

Once again, with ISIS, we (the Muslim community) feel compelled to prove that we are human, by condemning barbarity done allegedly in the name of our beliefs.  It should be enough to assume that we are repulsed by atrocious acts just because we are human, but we fall into the trap of overcompensating.   If it is not enough for someone — to accept that we are human — then no amount of press releases will satisfy.   Continue reading

Regarding that scholar allegedly justifying genocide

It’s unfortunate that I have to make this post, but my Facebook feed is now peppered with people quoting some New York Rabbi or Academic (who looks like a kid) answering a question about when genocide is permitted. I will not post a link because I do not want to direct traffic there. Continue reading

Responding to Global Bloodshed

For those who are getting frustrated by all the bloodshed, remember that this world has never been, is not, and never will be paradise. Rather, it is a continuous mixture of ease and hardship. If you expect this world to be paradise or even fair, then you will fall into anger, apathy, and perhaps even despair. Continue reading

Counseling twentysomethings

Most of my correspondences are of compassion (I hope), even when I’m teasing someone. Occasionally, however, we need to share something different. Time for some brutal honesty.  Continue reading

Being American

Middle aged South Asian and Arab Muslim parents frequently ask me what they should do to make their children feel American.  Keep in mind that the majority of these parents were themselves raised in the US. Some were even born here.   Continue reading