Short Open Letter to Anwar al-Awlaki

In response to his blog posting “Nidal Hassan Did the Right Thing.”  I would post this letter as a “comment” on that blog entry, but I do not trust that that blog is legitimately his.  Some of the blog postings are so shortsighted and simplistic that I do not expect that they are from Anwar al-Awlaki or any scholar in his/her right mind.  Compare the loose accusations in the Nidal Hassan entry with the careful comments in this National Geographic interview.


I am posting this note with the respectful hopes that you will reconsider or clarify some of your recent comments.  Shaykh, I disagree with you that Nidal Hassan is a hero.  He is not anything close to being a hero.

If he had this alleged problem with being a Muslim and American soldier, he should have resigned.  He should have gone AWOL.  If his plan was to kill American soldiers, then he is obviously a fool for having spent so many years in the military to do what he did.  Further, if his plot was to kill American soldiers, he is an even bigger fool because it will not stop any wars and — if anything — it will result in the death of more Muslims.

But, he is not a hero or a fool.  Rather, he seems to be someone with serious mental problems.  Unfortunately, there are many who are attempting to link his conduct with some sort of Islamic interpretations, but as my above paragraph illustrates, he would be a fool (at best).

Indeed, this war that the United States is engaged in is wrong and should be condemned again and again.  Iraq did not attack us.  Afghanistan did not attack us.  Yet we are wiping out hundreds of thousands of lives to sustain these occupations. But, we also know that in the cycle of empires, whether we speak of the Umayyads or the Americans, empires in decline eventually engage in wars to sustain themselves, which often accelerate their own declines.

But, regarding this point that you make:

“The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason against the Muslim Ummah and have fallen into hypocrisy.”

Treason is a very serious charge.  I am assuming you have already contacted each of these American Muslims to address your concerns before having accused them/us of treason.

But, his actions are most definitely to be condemned.  It is absurd that Muslims have to condemn the horrific actions of Muslims, while it should be understood that horrific actions are implicitly condemnable.  It is all the more absurd because members of other communities are given the privilege of silence.

Indeed, we wish that American Muslim leaders would be more aggressive in criticizing the government on each major and minor infraction.  In time they will be.  But, if Nidal Hassan shot and killed those soldiers, then he was dead wrong.  If you regard my comment as treason, then I’m sorry:  we disagree.  There are likewise plenty of Americans who regard any criticism of the United States (especially by a Muslim) as equally treasonous, and I disagree with them also.

But, speaking of hypocrisy, let us look at this point:

“The fact that fighting against the US army is an Islamic duty today cannot be disputed. No scholar with a grain of Islamic knowledge can defy the clear cut proofs that Muslims today have the right -rather the duty- to fight against American tyranny.”

You are someone who spends quite a bit of time blogging and lecturing, so there is an obvious question here:  where are you fighting?  As you know, it is frowned upon us to say what we do not do.  So, the question is:  who is falling into hypocrisy?

Now, I am not calling you to fight.  Rather, I am calling you to say what you do, and to not say what you do not do.  Indeed, you should continue lecturing, but shift your focus to something productive.

And Allah knows best.

Omer M

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79 responses to “Short Open Letter to Anwar al-Awlaki

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  2. IE gyros are legit now!

  3. Omer,

    If you do not trust that the site is legitimately his, then why do you go on to treat the entry on the site as if you know that he said it?

    I’m confused.

  4. GLO Omer

  5. salams abunooralirlandee,

    your concern is a valid concern, that i’ve been wrestling with for maybe a year: is that really anwar al-awlaki’s blog? it’s not so much that i’m treating the entry as if i know he said it, but as if he might have said it.

    i originally wrote the post late, late last night as a comment on that blog posting, but was concerned whether or not it was really his blog. i also considered sending my letter to “him” directly through the site but i had the same concerns.

    so, i decided to post my comment here as an open letter, with the big disclaimer at the top.

    so, the point is that i am addressing his comments, with the hope that someone else is using his name.

    any suggestions on a better way to handle it? i’m all ears.

    may Allah bless you.

    omer m

  6. Imam Anwar Awlaki is like Umar (RA).

    and Omer you do ask a good question, is that really his blog?

    He rarely updates it and rarely answers anyone who contacts him back.

  7. Oh and another thing:
    In Imam Anwar Awlaki’s lecture; Lessons form the Companions living as a Minority, he clearly states that we should not be on the offensive living in western countries.

    So this ‘alleged’ statement by his really surprises me.

  8. Omer,

    I’m not sure what the best way to handle it is….I guess that depends on what one’s objective is.

    Are you sincerely trying to change his mind, if indeed this is a post from Anwar al-Awlaki?

    Or, are you trying to address his followers or those who may be influenced by him?

    Or is there some other audience like non-Muslims or Muslims who already have been disagreeing with “al-Awlaki’s” thoughts for many years?

    Or some combination of the above?

    If the thoughts do indeed belong to al-Awlaki (they are not completely out of character with recent remarks but there is a lot that is confusing about the nature of that blog — there had been nothing for months before this from al-Awlaki with the admin openly stating he could not get in touch with al-Awlaki.)

    In any event, as for me personally, there is much that disturbs me about Awlaki’s recent postings which (if we accept for argument’s sake are writen by him) indicate someone who has no sense of rahmah in his heart and speaks about extreme suffering, both real and theoretical in a way that while sometimes angry is also oddly detached from reality and humanity. Perhaps someone whose heart has been hardened by watching suffering of the ummah or by his own imprisonment (torture) etc.

    In any event, dealing with al-Awlaki as an individual from our location in the US seems an unlikely goal at this point. I would assume our main goal should be to speak to those Muslims who are influenced by or look up to al-Awlaki and show them where he has gone wrong.

    Probably, that is much of what you are trying to do here, and most likely, you do a better job than I could do. I actually don’t think the arguments you use here are the best ones for the purpose of speaking to people who might be sympathetic to al-Awlaki although they are very good for those who already don’t like al-Awlaki.

    Allaah knows best.

  9. The comments you make on Awlaki’s heart being hardened and such amuse me. I doubt anyone who devotes their life for religion can have a hard heart.

    As for the Website, it is very confusing.

    As for us living as a minority in the west, we should not be too open about this subject and we should make dua that Allah sends His peace and security and that Allah sends His Angels to guard and protect us from the Kufar and the non-Muslims.

  10. As a previous comment said:


    If you do not trust that the site is legitimately his, then why do you go on to treat the entry on the site as if you know that he said it?

    I’m confused.



  11. I would prefer to say the blog is not shaykh anwar’s. And it is being exposed for that.

  12. As I wrote on Br Suhaib’s blog,

    What I find to be disturbing is how few people are defending or giving excuses to Shaykh Anwar. I sincerely highly DOUBT that he wrote all those things. Anyone can take over/hack an online account and write blasphemy in order to get people to hate on a personality. I am so sad that we as an Ummah are so gullible to believe this blog was written by Shaykh Anwar, that too, knowing how easy it is to hack an account.

    We don’t even know the truth behind the blog, I will not believe he wrote the blog until I see proof. ANYONE can ay PRophet Muhammad (sws) said such-and-such…WE SHOULD KNOW BETTER then to just believe the garbage and denounce the RPophet sws.

    Do not forget the well known hadith:

    “Help your brother whether he is the oppressor or the oppressed.”

    Conclusion: Remember the story of Aisha and IFK from Surah Nur and give your brother 70 excuses.

  13. Everyone fears shaykh anwar in the west, due to his high influence and audacity to speak the truth in his various CD sets. It should come as no surprise that people try to defame him, even through hacking his account.

  14. the whole world is in a decline, sir; not just America.

  15. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    Asalamu Alaykum too all on the blog well just wanted to make a few points then u decide ifit is from him.

    1. i just tried the link and it is broken.

    2. where does what he say in his “blog” coencide w/ any of his past lectures.

    3. they said until last year he was in a yemen prision and is now in hiding, then where is he posting from,as ip addresses can be traced.

    now realy think about these things and then u decide it was true.

    also in recent months i have looked for things on and by him and the link for his “blog” did not post at least not with the link provided

  16. GeneralWashington

    No.. you are both wrong…

    He is a terrorist and this was a terrorist act perpletrated on US soil.

    There is no in the middle…

    anyone who denies this is just blind and numbed to reality…

    it’s not rocket science, it’s pretty darn simple..

  17. An interesting piece by Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad about the difficulty of trying to talk about issues such as “jihad and terrorism” in an intellectually coherent and effective manner in times such as ours.

  18. salam,
    I am surprised that there is a question on whether al-Awlaki wrote this. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with the unfortunate piece, I have no doubts it is written by al-Awlaki or endorsed by him. This is very consistent with his previous recent works, and I can’t understand why people find the piece surprising. I can understand this for someone who hasn’t been following his recent works though, because there has been a monumental shift in his views since the National Geographic piece years ago (which he already distanced himself from in another post on his blog).

    Based on his recent stances, it is not time to speculate about whether he wrote it or not. Rather, it is time to deny him a spot as some sort of spokesperson for the Ummah, as the media loves heroes and villains, and for the media, he seems to fit the latter profile quite readily. The more moderate Muslims speak up against random killings of unarmed individuals, the more we distance ourselves from al-Awlaki on this issue and his general stance on what constitutes jihad, the better we are off, taking the spotlight away from him. He provides the perfect fodder for the Islamophobes, regardless of his intentions.


  19. salaam aleikum,

    I am not sure where and when he distanced himself from his prior statements here:

  20. Salam alaikum,

    The registrant of the domain “” is “Domains by Proxy, Inc.” which provides the actual registrant with a degree of anonymity. However this is not total. It is still possible to find out whether the site is genuine: “Domains by Proxy, Inc.” have a track record of releasing domain owners’ contact information on receipt of a phone request, certified letter to the domain owner, or a cease and desist letter. The site, “” is hosted in the United States. It should not, therefore, be too difficult to determine whether the website is genuine.

    We do have some reason to be at least sceptical. Who could forget the infamous website, “Islamic News”, established by Glen Jenvey – a self-declared “anti-terror expert” – purporting to be an extremist site promoting terrorism?

    We would like to think that Jenvey has now been thoroughly discredited after “Private Eye” found that he had created the only evidence to support a story he sold a story to “The Sun” concerning a “hate hit list” of British Jews to be targeted by extremists, posting to the forum under the pseudonym “Abuislam”.

    But it would be naive to believe either that he has stopped or is the only one. Pretending to be someone else on the Internet is easy enough for the common man, so how much easier for a professional?

    I would suggest that those who are concerned whether “” really belongs to Anwar AlAwlaki go ahead and investigate, for the benefit of the multitudes that visit the site daily.


  21. You believe that blog is Anwar Awlaki’s?? How do you know that? Has he ever once confirmed it? I honestly believe that the blog was not run by Imam Anwar. You stated:

    “I can understand this for someone who hasn’t been following his recent works though, because there has been a monumental shift in his views since the National Geographic piece years ago (which he already distanced himself from in another post on his blog).”

    Your proof is his blog. Honestly…I cannot believe you, knowing how easy identity fraud is, would say such a thing. Why would they let Anwar Awlaki say these things? THEY WOULD not – they would stop him somehow. You think the Yemmeni govt would let him stay there posting these things? Its fairly simple to track a person through their IP and other means if they are posting on the web.

    Nothing I have heard from his lectures has been objectionable. MANY things on the so called blog WERE. It looked like a fly trap to catch certain types of people.

  22. You believe that blog is Anwar Awlaki’s?

    Yes, I absolutely do. On Fri, Nov 7, 2008, al-Awlaki emailed me via MM contact, to reconcile some of what he perceived as anger on his voting post (related to my comments on it on another blog). Since this was not a public letter, I will not disclose the contents except to see that it was a polite, humble reconciliation type email. However, he clearly acknowledged his own blog and his posts on it. I replied with some naseeha/advice on his growing extreme stances that I collected from different shayookh. No future correspondence took place.

    As far as the retraction of his National Geographic interview, I remember quite well seeing it on his blog, in either a comment by him or a post. Currently, one of his posts is unreachable (server error).

    One thing I am glad about is that the question doesn’t seem to relate to whether al-Awlaki was right or wrong in his celebration of Nidal’s shooting, but whether it’s his post at all. This is a positive note as it implies that the majority disagree with his stance, and the question is related to attribution more than content.

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  24. You do realize ALL of your so-called correspondence is through email/blogs, the recipient and the person who replied NOT being in any way shape or form confirmed to be him. I cannot believe you overlook such an essential fact.

    Do you know Br. Amad, that I had a person impersonate me online? Do you know how easy it is? I did not have a clue until one of my relatives told me she was receiving emails from me from another account. I found out months later, and I would never have actually found out…it was by chance that she happened to mention it to me. he was just assuming it was me.

    Until you or an authentic source can confirm to have either physically spoken to him, or through something MUCH less ambiguous than EMAIL and BLOGS, I sincerely hope people will use common sense to recognize that we really have no clue where Anwar Awlaki is and what he really believes. EVERYthing I have read on his site absolutely opposes his lectures.

    I have no doubt in my mind that he did not write these posts. NO DOUBT. May Allah swt expose the truth. And perhaps it will not be exposed until he is dead and people realize they never once heard from him directly and all that he was being represented by was blogs/emails and unauthenticated mediums. Nauthubillah.

    It seems to me that his contact info is run by whoever runs the site, and they LOVE for you to interact with him so they can keep watch on various supporters of the site.

  25. Notice ALL your evidences that it is him are blog posts and emails…I am astounded that you can call that evidence, despite that fact that he has never once attributed the blog to himself. Authubillah. He may not even have access to the internet wherever he is being detained/held/living. Allah knows best.

    And we sit here confidently denouncing him, with ascertaining it is him as if we actually have evidence.

  26. “No future correspondence took place.”

    I guess whoever runs the site was satisfied that they did not have to worry about you as being one of the extremists they are trying to haul together on the blog. They are clearly trying to attract ONLY extremists, and once it is confirmed that a person is NOT an extremist, they basically don’t care much about the person.

  27. As I said, based on the contents of the email I received (which I haven’t shared), I have no doubt that Awlaki wrote it (this was before he really started going downhill on terrorism related issues, so there wasn’t much to base a “flag-operation” on).

    I think we Muslims are just too conspiracy-minded… everything is a conspiracy or a flag-operation. Sometimes we should just admit that Muslims can do bad things, Muslims can change, just like any other human beings.

    It would have been easy enough for Al-Awlaki to clarify that he wasn’t the author, if indeed he wasn’t. He has done live video conference events, and is “well-connected”. It would take one phone call to cage prisoners or even a media outlet, and the news would be out. One cannot bring up one’s own example as reflection on how easy it is to impersonate. It is not easy to impersonate a famous person and keep that gig going for too long. I have been an internet junkie for long enough to know that.

    Really, let’s move on past these conspiracy theories. It is not healthy. See how many people are cheering Awlaki… are all those fake Muslims too? The problem exists, even if we want to bury our head and pretend it doesn’t.

    I have no more to add. I’ll let the readers make up their own mind on the truth of the matter.


  28. Conspiracy? Thats what people thought when they heard that we thought there were people pretending to be Muslim among us to try and get us in trouble and frame us. Guess what, today it is well-known that these are called informants, and they DO INDEED exist. We have had one who frequented our mosque until he was exposed, and guess what he was, a former criminal.

    I do admit people can change and wholeheartedly believe that, but I have never been given evidence that this was the case with Imam Anwar.

    And I do not consider email or blogs to be reliable AT ALL …ESPECIALLY in the case of big public figures like Imam Anwar. Common sense tells us not to believe all the things we read on the internet, especially when the person THEMSELF in REALY life – has never confirmed the information.

    Muslim Matters and sites such as these, they have directly been attributed to Yasir Qadhi and Yasir Birjas and the like. This I believe to be reliable, BECAUE I heard it directly from Shaykh Yasir Qadhi – a reliable and authentic source.

    The problem of people being attracted to extremist thinking indeed certainly exists…HOWEVER when we attribute the problem to someone without confirming it from, “the horse’s mouth” so to speak , then there is ANOTHER problem being created. And I think it is sad when people would prefer to make a person guilty without confirming it from their mouth – rather than standing for their innocence until they are proven guilty.

    As the saying goes:

    “It is better to let a guilty man go free then to jail the innocent.”

  29. ok i think this started out as questioning Imam Anwar Awlaki’s statement
    Slandering Imam Anwar Awlaki
    and now
    it’s just a fight between our brothers.

    this is exactly what the west wants us to do.

  30. I have nothing against Br. Amad, I have never felt that disagreeing with a person’s opinions constitutes a fight. May Allah swt unite us all toward the truth and for the truth. Ameen.

    “Allahumma Areenal haqqa haqqan warzuqnat tiba’ah, wa areenal baatila, baatilan, warzuqnaj tinaaba.”

  31. You stated:

    He has done live video conference events, and is “well-connected”.

    He is DEFINITELY not well-connected, nor has he done many video conferences. If that were the case…we would have been able to pull up a lot of things…but almost nothing current comes up.

  32. Br. Amad,

    Please provide evidence of your colorful descriptions about Br. Awlakhis “downhill on terrorism issues”. Please clarify your statment of “Based on his recent stances” (evidence).

    Also because “media” finds someone to be a villian surely it can not be a justification to discount someone’s integrity as a speaker.

    “Rather, it is time to deny him a spot as some sort of spokesperson for the Ummah, as the media loves heroes and villains, and for the media, he seems to fit the latter profile quite readily”

    Media’s ability to spin will not cease to exist even if you apologized for being the victim. Ask the palestanians or the Iraqis, and the new comers the Afghans.

    Also non-muslims will continue to see Muslims unfavorably. Without this attitude there is no more entertainment for many in the West. For instance, even today 40% Americans think think Islam is more likely to encourage violence. Why would a literate nation, with so much access to fair and balanced information since 9/11 still act like moronic idiots? Don’t worry about Awlakhi. Worry about the idiots you are living amongst. Awlakhi didn’t coz br. Hasan’s downfall, your dumb Govt. did and its’ people who will not change till they are subdued. I saw the last election, and know what lurks secretly among the so called “they are innocent civilians”.

  33. It is offensive that Omer’s name is spelled wrong on Sh. SW’s blog. In fact, I wager (one way) that it was initially spelled correctly but somehow the blog got hacked and the name was changed. Madness.

  34. Bint anwar al awlaki

    I don’t want to follow your steps in hiding my responses from the people they are directed at, so here is my response to you that i typed on another website:

    What i find hypocritical is him hiding his ‘letter’ on his blog and not posting it on the imam’s blog for the imam to refute under the pitiful reason that he doesn’t believe the blog to be the imam’s. If that was the case, then pardon my curiosity, but why write this “letter” then? Shouldn’t he be refuting the idea that’s its the imams blog instead?

    As for the quote, its only today that i became aware of the fact that the imam was in hiding for the past 8 months, and Allah knows best what he has been doing. And let’s say the imam didnt or isnt engaged in physical jihad, then i will give him the credit of not letting down the deen of Allah and speaking of the obligation of jihad, unlike the likes of many who’s names arent even deserving of being mentioned directly. Note the imam didnt speak of those scholars and preachers who dont fight physically (not exempting from the obligation of course), however, he specifically made mention of those who dont preach the obligation, or worst yet, speak out against it. It suffices that the imam preaches the haqq in a time like ours.

    Indeed our prophet was truthful when he said that islam will be lifted from the roots and the roots being the scholars.

    May Allah raise the imam with the martyrs, increase his likes and may HE swt humiliate those who are lenient on the kuffar and harsh on the believers.

  35. Dear Bint anwar al awlaki,

    “I don’t want to follow your steps in hiding my responses from the people they are directed at…”

    So, that means that your real name is “Bint anwar al awlaki.”

    Can you tell your dad to put his site back up so I can comment on it?

    Omer M

    • Bint Anwar al awlaki

      The username i go by is of no relevance to you. Why not focus on the more important aspect of my post?
      And the blog is back up, but it is under construction. However, your letter was written before the blog was hacked and shut down, hence my statement remains.

  36. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    well at least it is obvious the site is clossed which leaves doubt as to the origin of the content. simply put why close it the same day an article is written about the contents. please those who understand enlighten me

  37. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    i do not wish to speak aginst any muslim. just wonder if the recent actions in the blog and so on are genuine or the result of more kafir trying to make islam look like it is something other than the truth

    i only type what i did as i doubt any claims that make true muslims look like extremists or terrorists.

    example google ruben shumpert rahimuallah and read about what happened to this brother. he was upright i can say this as he was my wali. he never did anything but try to teach those in our local ummah to pull up your pants and go to the masjid and the islami is taking the middle path. i.e. not going to extreme or being to slack in the deen. he was not an imam or a schollar but the muslim version of the barber shop.

    point is the media and internet are doing their best to revive the muslim smeer campagin

    forgive spelling

  38. Gentlemen, after reading these entries I find myself quite annoyed by the content. I am not Muslim. I am, in your words, an “infidel” or “non-believer.” First of all I take offense to being called an “infidel.” This is not going to win you points with me in regards to “respect” to another human being. I believe your Koran says something about this. Be careful Gentlemen. Be nice. I’m a spiritual individual who has a great deal of respect for humanity, life, and mother earth. I think you all need to take a chill pill, smoke a peace pipe, enter a sweat lodge and really confront your own demons. Then maybe we can talk. Have a great day. May the Great Spirit watch over you all.

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  40. salams

    I was under the impression that the blog was never Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki’s in the first place, I have believed (and I forget when and where) that someone else created and administered the blog for him and when he could Shaykh Anwar would send a blog post in the form of an email for the brother or sister to publish.

    It is quite feasible therefore for some of the blog posts to be the writings of “other people” and not Shaykh Anwar Al Awlaki.

    I have loved Shaykh’s talks and writings for a long time and I believe I have seen a change in his uses of words and attitude over recent times. In addition I think I have noticed his tone change too…

    This could be for a number of reasons; one of those reasons could be that it simply is not him.

    I have heard that he is “elsewhere” at the moment anyway, wa Allahu allam

    I am not convinced these are his words for the simple reason that don’t have the same “vibe” or “resonants” and some of the arguments are not thought out, which is not like him – even if you disagree with what he says

    In any case I would love to hear from him so he can put us straight

    Fi amanallah

  41. Salaam aleikoem,

    I fully agree with your article. It makes no sence to kill those people in either way. Islamic way or any way. I’m not sure either if its a blog of Sheich Anwar al Awlaki or someone else. And about speaking the truth there are more Shuyoog that are speaking the truth. But the article in the blog of Sheich Awlaki doesnt make any sense. we must stop this foolishness, because it will get the Muslims nowhere.

    Abu Adam

  42. Wordpress Name

    Once you sign up for the military, you can’t simply resign, and its not easy to get “AWOL”. Nidal was trapped in a dichotomy, like many Muslims living here paying taxes. We don’t support at all what he did, but neither has the response by the Ulema been all that illuminating. The dichotomy continues…

  43. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    ok plain and simple i am going to reiterate what i wrote earlyier.

    if he is fleeing and type of law why would he but post blogs that can be traced. ip and such.

    if was suspected of any connections of al qaidah why would the yemeni police let him go.

    why does the sentamens in his plog coencide with his proven authentic works.

    i am not a person that is in to conspericy and the such, but have witnessed the gov. trying to lure slander and defame muslims, to the extent of using entrapment to make any case so as to arrest him, and search for evidence that does not exis. so what make you that sheikh al awlaki is any different. i mean small comunity leaders are targeted why not the big fish as well.

  44. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    sorry i ment earlier , also i ment fleeing any type of law not and type of law

  45. At the Imam’s website, when he himself writes in an article, it is published in his name; otherwise it is given as ‘admin’. As far as I remember, this one was in the Imam’s name.

    WaAllahua’lam !

  46. you guys have got to be kidding. leave it to us muslims to come up with the most ridiculous conspiracy theories. the guy has been off the deep end since soon after that national geographic interview EIGHT years ago. so basically you’re saying that someone has devoted themselves to damaging his image for 7-8 years, and awlaki and all the other scholars have been oblivious to this? WOW… this is why muslims are at the bottom of the barrel.

  47. eh??
    are you referring to his website?
    thats barely year old or so…

    the muslims are at the bottom of the barrel ‘cos we (in general) have left the teachings of Islam…

  48. Abu AbdurRahman

    I honestly thought that the website was Sh. Anwar’s but in light of this conspiracy theory, I have a few points to share.

    1) His last lecture I believe was the State of the Ummah. He clearly advocated Jihad in this lecture. What he exactly meant by Jihad, I don’t know. When people asked questions, they used the word “Qitaal” many times. If I remember clearly though, he never specifically told anyone to kill others or raise arms. People simply assumed he was referring to killing. Keeping this in mind, I myself used the lecture to strengthen my resolve for my own struggle, struggle against the Shaytan and shaytanic influences in society- no violence.

    2) The video/audio clip on the front page about scholars making mistakes is not recent. In fact, it is a piece from an old lecture.(I will insha’Allah try to find which one.) This was shocking for me. Why would you make the effort to copy paste a piece of an old lecture, one that was generally non-Jihadi and then use it as your means of Da’wah. Why not get something recent, something more powerful and critical?

    3) There are atleast 3 people working on the blog. a) Sh. Anwar b) the admin c) the graphic designer. Did you notice that all of his recent lectures have awesome pictures with them. which is really interesting. They all seem to advocate Jihad before you even listen to the lecture.

  49. Abu AbdurRahman

    people waste time doing lots of things. why not spend some time trying to(or atleast suggesting the possibility of) undefame a shaykh we all once agreed with 100%.

    Of course people can change. Sh. Anwar could have gone towards the wrong side buts whats wrong with a conspiracy theory?

  50. I’m not sure I can reason with you, seeing as you just asked what’s wrong with a conspiracy theory… so i’m only going to say a few things…it is based on speculation, it is a form of denial that in this case muslims are using to deny an ugly truth, it’s idiotic, it’s immature, it doesn’t help us solve any problems because we need to acknowledge harsh reality before we can improve upon it.

    have any of you asked yourselves why awlaki, as computer literate as he is, hasn’t emerged to deny that he’s connected to these statements? he didn’t send a letter to anyone, didn’t make any announcement. Why do you all blindly follow him. Blind faith is dangerous, and our own religion says so.

  51. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    ok look as far as i go. i am not into conspiracy, i just post facts as i see them. whether sheikh al-awlaki has or has not been involved, and whether he did or did not write the post is neither hear nor there at this point the issue is, they are using his image/reputation to make the events more than what they are. the man was scared. he did not want to go. the question should really be why did he join the us military in the first place knowing the stance bush held at the time he joined. HELLO! the only issue i have personally had over the events are this. ppl are using this event to demonize islam yet again. i have seen it so many times and am personally tired of it. why not chose a nother group for a change i mean islam is not the only religous group on the planet where some have taken the message and alterted it to their own purpose i mean i was like killing the innocent and so on.

    humans are not perfect that is why we are on earth and Allah is in heaven

  52. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    in regaurds to blind faith no as muslims we are not to blindly follow which is why ppl are asking questions. i could go into major detail on blind following but that is for an entirely different discussion all together.

  53. Shaykh M. —

    It is definitely Anwar al-Awlaki. I am someone who read and enjoyed his Lives of the Prophets, but tracking him over the years, I noticed that after returning to Yemen, and being imprisoned for a year, he used that blog and various lectures to being promoting radical terrorist activities against the West and the US specifically. He has an ability, a talent — that he now uses for evil — where he can influence impressionable young people from the US and UK.

    I know for certain that that blog is his. I’ve actually seen it for over a year now and listened to some of his new lectures, said in that same Awlaki tone, but using such different and disturbing words.

    I plead with you for the sake of Allah (swt) that you come to acknowledge this, because truly I think the worst thing for our condition as Muslims to be in denial, succumb to conspiracy theories, perceive ourselves as victims, and fail to take responsibility for the proper portrayal of our beautiful faith.

    May Allah (swt) guide us all to be follow the goodness of his Message and contribute to the good of all humanity, insha’Allah ‘al-Aziz.

  54. Shaykh, I need you to know that your hesitation in acknowledging the fact, Wallahi it’s true, that that was indeed Anwar al-Awlaki’s website, is affecting the people who gain inspiration from your words. Since you have influence, your hesitation breeds conspiracy theories which are altogether destructive. This was indeed al-Awlaki. The article you present was of 2001. He changed a lot since then, some say because of interrogations and imprisonment, but there is no excuse for such a haram and unlawful and harmful incitement of views.

  55. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    ok salam all. this i hope inshallah will be my final post. ok so last night i was listening to a lecture by abdur-raheem green, here is the you tube link. i only listened.

    anyways back to the point in it, it includes helping the kufar, even with a word could be an act of kufur. so i end with this not matter what he did or did not say. no matter what he was or wasn’t through. no matter what he did or did not do. the fact remains he is muslim. and before anyone say anything in regaurds to his deen, remember if we say someone is or is not something then if are are not correct in our accertation then we become shuch. if was say he is not folling the deen then we end up wrong we become the one not following the deen.

    in the end i leave all with this. unless he leaves a video of himself saying what ever allhu aylim. because we are notr allah and therefore we can not judge another muslim by their actions as only allah knows what is in the heart

  56. UMM Ziban — he did leave video messages saying all this — PLENTY of them. They were made within the past two years, talking about jihad and going to kill the west.

    Faith is not blind faith and Islam does not call for anti-intellectualism.

    In fact, I would urge you all to remember one of the most beautiful and wise ayah of the Qur’an:

    “Stand up for the sake of Justice, even if it be against yourself, your family, or kin.”

    We are commanded by Allah (swt) to be just even if the wrongdoer is a well known Muslim imam.

    By not holding Anwar al-Awlaki responsible for his evident change and exhortation to unlawful activities, we are not being just, and truly only hurting ourselves.

  57. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    last thing i said was not arguing if did or did not do anything but no matter what only allah knows what is in his heart. that is all not siding with anyone just remembering to make 99excuses for my muslim brother, and remember that only allah knows what is in our hearts khalas

  58. I personally don’t see anything wrong with his statement, nor do I see anything wrong with the actions of our brother Nidal Hassan. However what I see as the major issue here is that we live among the disbelievers, and thefore start to show them the sympathy that they are not deserving of.
    Allah (swt) says:
    “Muhammad is the messenger of Allah. And those with him are hard against the disbelievers and merciful among themselves. _” (Quran; 48:29). PLEASE READ TAFSIR IBN KATHIR.
    I ask you all, by ALLAH, if this verse is not reffering to those American soldiers that wage war on our brothers, sisters, and children, and openly show their anamosity toward’s our Deen, in their media, government foreign and domestic policy (such as their bias anti terror legislation which targets Muslim’s and destroy’s families), and how can we forget their detention centers those known to us like; Guantanamo Bay, Bagram, and Abu Graib, and their many black sites they have scattered around the globe, in which they violate the honor of Muslim’s, young and old, male and female, innocent or “guilty”. Within these prisons honors are violated, mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters, men and women are bothe subject to rape and sexual humiliation, idiological and mental torture, the list of treatment that our fellow Muslim’s have been made to endure is to numerous to go into in detail. (You can research that yourselves).
    After all this, are you in any doubt about whether or not the above mentioned verse is reffering to these american soldiers?

    “_for persecution is worse than killing. And they will not cease fighting with you until they turn you back from your religion, if they can; and whoever of you turns back from his religion, then he dies while an unbeliever– these it is whose works shall go for nothing in this world and the hereafter, and they are the inmates of the fire; therein they shall abide.” (Quran; 2:217).

    “_those who disbelieve desire that you may be careless of your arms and your luggage, so that they may then turn upon you with a sudden united attack_.” (Quran; 4:102).

    “O ye who believe! Take not into your intimacy those outside your ranks: They will not fail to corrupt you. They only desire your ruin: Rank hatred has already appeared from their mouths: What their hearts conceal is far worse. We have made plain to you the Signs, if you will understand.” (Quran; 3:118).

    “If they were to get the better of you, they would behave to you as enemies, and stretch forth their hands and their tongues against you for evil, and they ardently desire that you may disbelieve. (Quran; 60:2).

    “Many of the followers of the Book wish that they could turn you back into unbelievers after your faith, out of envy from themselves, (even) after the truth has become manifest to them; but pardon and forgive, so that Allah should bring about His command; surely Allah has power over all things.” (Quran; 2:109).

    “Allah does not forbid you respecting those who have not made war against you on account of (your) religion, and have not driven you forth from your homes, that you show them kindness and deal with them justly; surely Allah loves the doers of justice.”
    “Allah only forbids you respecting those who made war upon you on account of (your) religion, and drove you forth from your homes and backed up (others) in your expulsion, that you make friends with them, and whoever makes friends with them, these are the unjust.” (Quran; 60:8-9).

    “And if they break their oaths after their agreement and (openly) revile your religion, then fight the leaders of unbelief– surely their oaths are nothing– so that they may desist.”
    “What! will you not fight a people who broke their oaths and aimed at the expulsion of the Messenger, and they attacked you first; do you fear them? But Allah is most deserving that you should fear Him, if you are believers.”
    “Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people.”
    (Quran; 9:12-14).

    “Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the false gods. Fight therefore against the friends of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak.” (Quran; 4:76).

    And if the words of our Lord were not sufficient for you;
    Countless american spokesmen, and even an Ex-Guantanamo Bay guard has openly declared that we are faced with a war on Islam, (not terrorism, as they might like to have you think).

    So, Oh servant of Allah (swt), weep not, nor be sad regarding those who went foward in anamosity towards your religion, rather rejoice and be happy that maybe a great evil has been prevented.

    P.s. I’m sure many deluded Muslim’s will differ with me, and argue that not every soldier shares this anamosity towards Islam, and I will respond to them by telling them that numerous times have the Mujahideen attemted to reach out to these individuals through their media outlets, and has been urging them constantly not to support the Masonic, pro Zionist agenda of their governments.
    Here is one of them occassions:

    Most importantly, in the time of our Prophet (saw) who said that every disbeliever in the army of Quraish were anti-Islam?
    But did that prevent the Muslim’s from waging war against them?

    “O you who believe! if any from among you turn back from his Faith, soon will Allah produce a people whom He will love as they will love Him,- lowly with the believers, mighty against the disbelievers, fighting in the way of Allah, and fearing not the blame of any blamer. That is the grace of Allah, which He will bestow on whom He pleaseth. And Allah encompasseth all, and He knoweth all things.” (Quran; 5:54).

    As-Salam-Ylakum Wa-Rahmatullahi Wa-Barakatuh.

    Your brother, Abu Yahya.

  59. Serena,

    How do you know Anwar Awlaki is “computer literate”? We have not yet authentically determined that the blog was his in the first place…there is always an admin posting things on there….for all we know he does even know the blog exists. And since he has never once mentioned or attributed the blog to himself authentically…we cannot attribute him through legitimate standards. As it is, he has been missing for many months according to his father, or so it has been said on the “news”…if that even is true.

  60. MHD…you made a claim:

    “They were made within the past two years, talking about jihad and going to kill the west.”

    Please do not make empty claims…..if you want to make a cliam, validate it with proof…i.e. the video you speak of should be linked so we can hear it for ourselves. I have a major problem with people throwing out statements like yours….they NEVER back it up with proof.

  61. Ok I backed away from this now pointless debate along time ago. But ‘sis’ claims that Anwar Awlaki might not be computer literate.

    Al-Awlaki holds a B.S. in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University and an M.A. in Education Leadership from San Diego State University, and was working on a Doctorate degree in Human Resource Development at George Washington University.

    I’m 90% sure he IS computer literate.
    Allahu alaam


    So Anwar Awlaki himself confirms that it is his own blog, he did indeed say that and he tries to justify what he says. He is indeed computer literate and he does respond to his emails.

    But the news on he is in hiding is all crap.
    And him being behind the attack is also crap.

    I supported him and loved his lectures until his recent comments, now i need guidance on whether it is right or wrong

  63. UMM_Z.I.B.A.N.

    ok look every one plain and simple he is still muslim. now unless he comits an act of kufur openly we can only say allah knows best and move on. if you no longer agree w/ what he has to say ignore it and move on instead of hashing it out. find someoen w/ established deen and knowledge according to what you belive to be correct and stick w/ it. i say according to what you belive as you have sufi, shiah, sunni, salafi and so on. so just come to a conclusion and stop talking about whether it happened or not

  64. @ Abu Yahya:
    So brother, what stops you from suicide bombing / machine gunning ‘em down yourself?

    • @h,
      I would not even bother responding to such a childish statement. But I will at least say this.
      Without sounding like I am attemting to compare you to the disbelivers, as that is not my intention, nor my belief.
      However the disbelivers in the past, and present made similar comments, when they could no longer argue with evidence the would make statements like; “Why does God not speak to us?” or “Why does a sign not come to us?”.
      This aspect of the disbelievers is reflected in the Quran in numerous places, to which Allah (swt) responds by saying;

      “And you did not recite before it any book, nor did you transcribe one with your right hand, for then might those have doubted, who follow falsehood.”
      “Nay! it is clear revelations in the hearts of those who have been given knowledge, and none deny Our revelations except the unjust.”
      “And they say: Why are not signs sent down upon him from his Lord? Say: The signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner.”
      “Is it not enough for them that We have revealed to you the Book which is recited to them? Most surely there is mercy in this and a reminder for a people who believe.”
      (Quran; 29: 48-51).

  65. AA

    Brother Abu Yahya,

    Jazak’Allah Khair for speaking the haqq my brother.


  66. Oh what? Now that the huffington post posts an interview everyone is all quite? Where are the condemnations please? They should at least be on par with the defenses. At least one person completely missed the point and went on to say that Anwar Al Awlaki still hasn’t committed kufr.


  67. Next post?

    From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Date Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 5:32 PM
    subject: Fwd: Fwd: Imam Anwar updte!!

    Dear brother XXXX,

    I wanted to clarify my recent comments on brother Nidal Hasan’s shooting at Fort Hood which i am unable to do on my site until the brothers restore it, may Allah reward them.

    If a Muslim is in a non-Muslim army and is part of the military apparatus which is waging war against Muslims, it is not permissible for him to take part at all. Helping the kuffar against the Muslims is riddah without doubt. Allah said concerning the one who supports the mushrikeen:

    “And if any amongst you takes them as awliya then surely, he is one of them (al-Maida 5:51)

    If a Muslim is serving in the US army I want to emphasize the necessity of leaving the army of the disbelievers and finding work elsewhere, because his presence in the army implies helping them, strengthening them and increasing the numbers of their fighters. However, if his work in the army allows him to pass on their secrets to the Muslims or help the Muslims in some other way that is a separate issue and completely permissible.

  68. @h,
    I would not even bother respondeing to such a childish statement. But I will at least say this.
    Without sounding like I am attemting to compare you to the disbelivers, as that is not my intention, nor my belief.
    However the disbelivers in the past, and present made similar comments, when they could no longer argue with evidence the would make statements like; “Why does God not speak to us?” or “Why does a sign not come to us?”.
    This aspect of the disbelievers is reflected in the Quran in numerous places, to which Allah (swt) responds by saying;

    “And you did not recite before it any book, nor did you transcribe one with your right hand, for then might those have doubted, who follow falsehood.”
    “Nay! it is clear revelations in the hearts of those who have been given knowledge, and none deny Our revelations except the unjust.”
    “And they say: Why are not signs sent down upon him from his Lord? Say: The signs are only with Allah, and I am only a plain warner.”
    “Is it not enough for them that We have revealed to you the Book which is recited to them? Most surely there is mercy in this and a reminder for a people who believe.”
    (Quran; 29: 48-51).

  69. Assalamualaikum

    If you have written this letter because you are naive or ignorant then I pray that Allah gives you hidaya.

    But if you have written this letter to misguide the masses and for an ulterior motive then I pray to Allah to expose you and to give you a humiliating death.

    I also pray for the ‘shyookh’ in the west who are doing nothing but weakening the ummah and making them sheeps to be slaughtered by the west.

    I guess when the situations like the concentration camps hit the muslims in the US is when it would be too late to wake up.


  70. @Abdur rahman

    if u lived in the west, u wud know our situation.

    since Imam Anwar Awlaki is not in the west, we have no knowledge of his motives and his situation.

    but we do know that the Shuyook of the west are trying their hardest to unite the muslim ummah.

    Do not criticize or comment on our state. The Shuyook are doing alot more than what your post ^ is doing. And make dua for yourself before you make it for anyone else. Especially dua’s that make it seem like some one else is ‘ignorant’ or ‘misguided’.

    and also dont make dua for any muslim to receive a humiliating death, pray to Allah to guide them. but pray to Allah to guide you first and foremost.

  71. Pingback: Anwar al-Awlaki’s death and the Edifice of Layered Speculations « Mozaffar's Moments

  72. Assalaamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah
    You mentioned something about Sh Anwat being hypocrtical for not doing what he says (fighting)

    My question to you is, how do you know he isn’t fighting?

    Our deeds and actions are for Allaah SWT, they ain’t for us to go online and post them on our blogs.

    Sh Anwar isn’t a show off, whatever good deeds he does for Allaah are between him and Allaah, whatever good you do, and I do, is between us and Allaah. So even of he was fighting, he wouldn’t post it on his blog.

    You see Sh Anwar is a very clever person, when he wrote what he wrote, he knew that calling a specific person a Munafiq is wrong, because, he doesn’t know the intentions of people, therefore he wrote, “The American Muslims who condemned his actions have committed treason against the Muslim Ummah and have fallen into hypocrisy” and knowing that every action judged by its intention, Anwar Al Awlaki has commited no wrong, however, in your case, you specifically talked to a specific person saying he may be falling into hypocrisy, that is absolutely wrong, may Allaah Protect Anwar Al Awlaki and all the scholars of truth and guide all of us to the straight path


  73. Fakey Steaky


    Shouldn’t you determinedthe authenticity of the blog and subsequently the posting before you respond with a “short open letter?”

    Also, you’re making assumptions that he himself is not making Jihad? Do you have any evidence that says he is not?

  74. SM, you obviously didn’t read anything above.

  75. Urgent to Omer M.: ‘States’ is a plural noun.

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